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Since 2018, the German non-profit foundation Region of Lifesavers
has established a systematic use of registered first responders
based on a highly respected Danish system, which has been
in operation since 2012.
In co-operation with local emergency dispatch centers, we make
it possible to alert community first responders in the vicinity of
a cardiovascular arrest.
These professional rescuers, who often arrive only 3-5 minutes
after a cardiac arrest, can double or quadruple the chance of
patient survival. Our approach:

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A lifesaving system

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| 1 | Emergency call through 911

Suspected cardiac arrest
Lebensretter app instruktion

| 2 | Dispatching EMS units

ALS/BLS units alerted
At the same time: Registered first responders in the vicinity of the incident are located and alerted by their smartphone

Lebensretter APP instruktion

| 3 | The task is accepted by the first responder

The task is accepted by the first responders using their smartphone. The four nearest and available first responders are selected and guided to the patient or the nearest AED by the app.

Lebensretter APP instruktion

| 4 | Defining the roles of the first responders

No. 1 starts CPR on the patient

No. 2 supports no.1 in chest compressions

No. 3 brings closest AED to the patient

No. 4 guides arriving ambulance

Our current research

international publications

Damjanovic D, Pooth JS, Steger R, Boeker M, Steger M, Ganter J, Hack T, Baldas K, Bieder P, Schmitz D, Busch HJ, Müller MP, Trummer G, Schmid B

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BMC Emergency Medicine 2022

Ganter J, Pooth JS, Damjanovic D, Trummer G, Busch HJ, Baldas K, Schmitz D, Müller MP

Association of GPS-Based Logging and Manual Confirmation of the First Responders´ Arrival Time in a Smartphone Alerting System: An Observational Study

Prehospital Emergency Care 2021

Müller MP, Damjanovic D, Ganter J, Trummer G:

Comment on “Mobile phone-based alerting of CPR- trained volunteers simultaneously with the ambulance can reduce the resuscitation-free interval and improve outcome after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: A German, population-based cohort study”. 

Resuscitation 2021; 158:286-287

Baldi E, Grieco NB, Ristagno G, Alihodzic H, Canon V, Birkun A, Cresta R, Cimpoesu D, Clarens C, Ganter J, Markota A, Mols P, Nikolaidou O, Quinn M, Raffay V, Ortiz FR, Salo A, Stieglis R, Strömsöe A, Tjemeland I, Trenkler S, Wnent J, Gräsner JT, Böttiger BW, Savastano S

The Automated External Defibrillator: Heterogeneity of Legislation, Mapping and Use across Europe. New Insights from the ENSURE Study.

Journal of Clinical Medicine 2021

Metelmann C, Metelmann B, Herzberg L, Auricchio A, Baldi E, Benvenuti C, Burkart R, Fredman D, Krammel M, Müller MP, Squizzato T, Stieglis R, Svensson L, Thies KC

More patients could benefit from dispatch of citizen first responders to cardiac arrests

Resuscitation 2021

Julian Ganter, Domagoj Damjanovic, MD, Georg Trummer, MD, Hans-Jörg Busch, MD, Klemens Baldas, MD, Mike Hänsel, Dipl. Psych, Michael Patrick Müller, MD:

Smartphone based alerting of first responders during the corona virus disease-19 pandemic

Ganter et al. Medicine (2021) 100:27

Metelmann C, Metelmann B, Kohnen D, Brinkrolf P, Andelius L, Böttiger BW, Burkart R, Hahnenkamp K, Krammel M, Marks T, Müller MP, Prasse S, Stieglis R, Strickmann B, Thies KC:

Smartphone-based dispatch of community first responders to out-of-hospital cardiac arrest – statements from an international consensus conference

Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine 2021; 29:29

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Region of Lifesavers

Graphic | 1 | Emergency call through 911.

Region of Lifesavers

Graphic | 2 | Dispatching EMS units

Region of Lifesavers

Graphic | 3 | The task is accepted by the first responder.

Region of Lifesavers

Graphic | 4 | Defining the roles of the first responders

Region of Lifesavers

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